A Programmer's Perspective on Art

Jeff Baij

Baij’s art is very pleasing to the eye. He uses repetition and perspective to draw the viewer into his piece. His Small File piece is a great example of his use of repetition.  Unlike some of the previous artists I’ve been asked to critique, it seems like Baij’s art does not require me to know the purpose or back story of the piece in order to appreciate it as art. In fact, his art tells a story in itself – a great example would be Space Stories (which happens to be my favorite).  The story is simplistic, and again he uses repetition, however it allows the viewer to fill in the blanks and create their own story to accompany the art.

I honestly really enjoyed Baij’s art. It was simplistic in that it was easy to understand but also complex in that it had the power to captivate and engage the viewer with very little effort. As i stated above Space Stories was my favorite piece of his and I think it’s because the color scheme he used fit very well between every image and each one practiced every design principle I have learned in this class including: economy, repetition, balance, variety, etc…I really liked this artist.

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