A Programmer's Perspective on Art

Paul Pfeiffer

Pfieffer is a video artist who uses cutting edge technology to create videos which captivate the viewer visually as well as intellectually. He edits video extensively and seems to focus on taking out or disguising certain aspects of the original piece to create something more interesting.  An example would be his, The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, photo series in which he edited out all the players in a basketball game except for one. Another would be, The Long Count, which is a video of a boxing match which was edited so that the boxers appear to be about 80% invisible – which made the collision of the boxers and the edge or the ring rope a lot more exciting.

I absolutely loved Pfieffer’s video’s and, in my opinion, his process to achieve his end goal was spectacular. Accomplishing tasks such as making boxers appear to be invisible In a boxing video must be the work of a true craftsman. He obviously spent a lot of time on each piece because, as stated at the beginning of this blog post, each piece not only captivates the imagination but also the intellect. His art draws attention to the mass media in the modern age – especially to the sport media. Pfieffer is my favorite video artist out of all the ones we’ve had to view so far – and with good reason.

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