A Programmer's Perspective on Art

Stephen Vitiello

Stephen Vitiello is the first sound artist we have looked at.  He uses sound found in everyday life – atmospheric sound – combined with electronic sound to compose beautiful pieces of music. His sound art has been used in Independent Films, Art Galleries, and in various video projects. From watching an interview of him it’s easy to gather that he is very passionate about his trade. He described his struggle with viewing the world through his eyes and how viewing the world through a lens of sound was more natural for him. His passion for sound a music translates into amazing compositions that soothe and captivate the listener. The piece I liked the  most was Glass Marimba Frog Caller which can be found here. I really liked the calming effect the music had on me. I also thought it was interesting how he was able to combine the melody of the Glass Marimba so seamlessly with the sound effects. This was the first sound artist we looked at and, after listening to his music, I really wish we had looked at more!

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